Read and Learn Again

Time to rediscover those saved and forgotten bookmarks.

Paul Graham explains why.

The Pitch

Do you use Pocket? Do you save a ton of bookmarks in it? Do you intend to "read it later"? Do you? My answer is "Yes" to all of them. Sometimes I do "read it later", but most of the time I don't, and all these treasure just sits in Pocket.

The solution (my humble hypothesis), is to send myself one or a few of these forgotten bookmarks everyday through email so that I'll be reminded and encouraged to read them.

In fact, this would not only be useful for finally reading those bookmarks that I have yet to read, it'll also be interesting to reread some of the bookmarks that were saved (and read) in the past, and see if I would gain new insights from rereading them again, as described by Paul Graham.

Read and learn again.

The 3 Simple Steps
Sign in with Pocket and we'll be able to access your bookmarks on Pocket. Don't worry, we are only asking for "read" access.
Configure settings to let us know where to send the daily emails to, what time we should deliver them, and how many bookmarks to include in each email.
Sit back, relax and wait for emails to arrive daily in your inbox with your bookmarks. Read, and learn again.